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This is Nancy Weng, who was born in a little seaport village called Shacheng Harbour in Fujian province.I had been to study abroad in Singapore during my university . And I came back in 2010, worked at a listed company and then as a purchasing manager in a foreign trade corporation. I learned lots of processes of purchasing management patterns of foreigner, and those were good for my own company.

My husband has a Qingyi heat company in Jinjiang , In the second half of 2002, he insisted that I should take charge of foreign trade there. Although I was interested in foreign trade management, I had any experience about it. I had no idea to lead a team which has foreign trade experience for almost eight years. We reached a consensus in 2013, that he will change his company into domestic trade, and I run another foreign trade company —— Kenteer new material science and technology company in Xiang’an Industry Area, Xiamen . As a subsidiary of Qingyi company, Kenteer set up a special study group to develop new products for foreign market .

We invested a lot for equipment in order to produce high-quality heat transfer stickers, such as four-line automatic silk screen printing machine ,it can print 1500 to 2500 times per hour , which is different from printing 500 to 800 times per hour on semi-automatic printing machine, It improved the productivity and the quality, but also shorten the deliver date. What ‘s more, more and more international brunch began to corporate with Kenteer, such as Disney, HM, and so on.

Kenteer succeed in researching a new anti-sublimation heat transfer vinyl, which was high quality at nice price, the property of anti-sublimation heat transfer vinyl was recognized by customer. After running my own business for such a long time ,I found out that the picture and the heat transfer effect of different kinds of fabrics was the most important requirement for customers. For that, we built three research group to researching heat transfer adhesive vinyls, the process of heat transfer stickers , and heat transfer materials.

WE ARE Kenteer

We are a professional team with technical experts in the Chinese heat transfer industry.We offer a wide range of services and we are happy to help you with your screen transfer  printing needs:

As we all know that PM less than 2.5 will do harm to people, but for our industry, temperature and humidity are the most important factor which always confused us. In that case, we invested much money and time to building a Hundreds of pollution-free level workshop, control the temperature and humidity of workshop, in order to keep good quality of our product.

Company Culture

Mission: Global professional heat transfer material suppliers

Values: Teamwork, embrace change, passion, share

Idea:Customer First,Happy Work,Loyal, dedicated, professional

Companies PK competition mechanism, motivate the team.Advocacy work and rest, to provide staff with generous benefits and a wealth of recreational activities, parents pension, thanksgiving our parents, outdoor activities every month or two, so that employees closer to the heart of the enterprise.Up to four times a year overseas exhibition, to help customers solve problems, in-depth understanding of customer needs, new and old employees have the opportunity to overseas exhibitors, improve employee’s own potential. The company also actively adapt to market demand, and actively with international practice, we are proud of became practice base of Tulane university students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pyrography application is very wide, covering clothing, shoes, hats, toys, bags, bed supplies, daily necessities, such as, as long as they can turn hot, then pyrography everywhere, have been gradually replaced direct traditional printing, leading the trend of the printing industry in the.

For example, when we heat transfer black heat transfer vinyl onto the dark fabric, glue overflowing is very serious, which is the most common and troublesome problem, but what is the solution?

Pyrography machine can the various pyrograph by thermal transfer hot in the cotton, linen, chemical fiber fabrics, screen printing, paste, foaming process heat treatment can be carried out and can be color color, portrait, landscape design and other baked porcelain, metal plate, and is especially suitable for making medals, commemorative card, cultural Shandeng, economical and practical, elegant designs.

Because customer use hot pressing machine made in china(60*80 Voltage),add a warm-resistance layer,and customer often transfer print ready-to-wear clothes or polo shirts(collar,leg openings and waist band isn’t in the same level line),the press machine clean one time after 30 days.


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