As a garment factory, how to choose the right materials?

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In recent years, there are more and more materials on the market.So for the garment factory,How to choose a suitable material from a variety of goods to produce their own clothes, has become a huge problem.As a global heat transfer material solutions Provider,We will advise the garment factory from three aspects to choose the right material.

Firstly we should consider the elasticity of the material.If the fabric is elastic,We recommend the use of matching flexible raw materials.This allows the comfort, elasticity, and integrity of the entire garment to be maintained in a very good range.For elastic demand,We have three different levels of elastic material requirements, ordinary, moderate and high – elastic.Our ink chemical products are high-grade polyurethane, so elasticity is the most basic guarantee.

From the second aspect,health and environmental protection are very important.Choose what to use is no longer as easy as it once was,especially children’s clothing, pay more attention to environmental protection.Select a certified supplier is not a new topic as previous,it will be an inevitable trend.

Last but not least,Simple and convenient operation, It is one of the ways to increase working efficiency and output.Thermal transfer material,It only takes 10 to 12 seconds to finish the clothes,It can increase the output of the garment factory every month.

The choice of heat transfer material is to choose an easy access to improve your own production.

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