Attention problem of screen printing electronic tag

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Due to the electronic label printing text and graphics area is frequently really small, and printing should have good printing precision, this is actually the screen printing electronic tags to improve the problem. So in using screen printing electronic tags should take notice of the following notes:

The mesh and mesh mesh selection

Mesh hexagonal formed hole since this is favorable towards the complete change in conductive ink, conductive ink choice of solvent type ink better effect. Cloth can pick 180-300 mesh prior to the internet cloth printing silver paste based on the situation. (special note, like the utilization of nano silver paste, the very best choice of 300 mesh cloth, high printing precision)

Ink drying condition

Lessen the wind speed within the oven, heating temperature in 120-150 levels Celsius, heating amount of time in 30-120s, temperature or time isn’t appropriate, can make the antenna substrate deformation occurs greater than standard or resistance elevated. Good drying is much more beneficial towards the exact form of the printed graphics.

Maintain printing work atmosphere

While printing antenna, there’s no requirement of any journal put into a lot of it, otherwise it’ll modify the aftereffect of the electrical conductivity. Workshop atmosphere requires no dust, dust, etc., otherwise the dust from the electric conduction backward and forward wires is simple to create a short circuit.

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