It is suggested to use them up within 12 months. When you open the package, vinyls should be stored in cool and dry place.

If Roland cutting plotter CX-24, blade force:90gf, speed:10cm/s, blade:45°or 30°

Dear,our normal stock is 19inch width, could you accept 19inch or 10inch? If they are ok, we could do quick shipping.

time: 15-20s, temperature: 165-170℃

It depends on how often you washes the t-shirt. We did test before. We washed 40 times, and 30 minutes/time. Designs are still good. You could test our samples.

sure. Could you tell what is your business field? Or do you have company website, which could help us to learn more about you and recommend right product to you. It could save your time.

Yes, welcome. I think the talk face to face will be very helpful for us to learn more each other. Do you have company website? I could learn more about you by your website and then recommend product to you.