How to choose Flock heat transfer sticker & Flock heat transfer vinyl

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There are 2 types of flock heat transfer materials in our factory, flock heat transfer vinyl and flock heat transfer sticker.

Today will introduce their common and difference in details as following


They are both used in most of fabric , like cotton, polyester, non-woven etc. Can be widely applied in different aspect, like t-shirt, kids’ wear, female clothing, bag, cap etc.

They can both washed over 10 times, 1hour/ time.



Flock heat transfer vinyl: it is produced by coating

Flock heat transfer sticker: it is produced by screen printing

Ⅱ.Color Customization

Flock heat transfer vinyl: it is single color per roll

Flock heat transfer sticker: it can be printed within 4 colors of the design

Ⅲ.Flock thickness

Flock heat transfer vinyl: the thickness is 0.6-0.7mm

Flock heat transfer sticker: the thickness can be customized , 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm etc.

There are 2 options of flock materials , bought in China and bought from overseas.

Ⅳ.Using method

Flock heat transfer vinyl: cut by cutting plotter or laser cutting machine, weeding , and then

Transfer on the t-shirt

Flock heat transfer sticker: it is printed already in, you just need to transfer on the t-shirt by

Heat press machine.

Now we have known about their common and difference, so how do we decide to use vinyl or stick ? Here are some suggestions for you below:

Ⅰ. If you have a lot of design, but just need less quantity for each design , then recommend you use flock heat transfer vinyl. It is good for cost efficiency; save more time ; improve working efficiency etc.

Ⅱ.If your design is with many colors ( within 4 colors ) and more quantity for each design, recommend you choose flock heat transfer sticker. You just need to provide design in PDF or AI format, tell use the size and quantity, then we can print it for you. You just need to transfer on the fabric when you get the goods. Very easy and

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