Printing procedure for cotton fabric polyester fabric

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Within the cotton fabric weft in weaving procedure for special, pure polyester numerous little a knot in a person’s heart fabric surface, and lump size range. Big just like a small grain of grain, distribution isn’t uniform, but very firm as well as in the weft have winding between damaged continuity, the lump both good and bad, named for knot cloth, cloth numerous knot is pure polyester fiber, plain weave fabric is cotton fiber, it do printing experiment using mixed slurry two-color process was discovered to possess a special printing effect.

Exactly the same principle of pulp color

For 2 various kinds of dyes and various colors of process mixed paste, within the printing of the identical fabric, after treatment and doesn’t seem to spell color effect, Harmonia axyridis using the slurry of effects. This really is mainly due to the different qualities from the fiber structure, utilizing the same fabric blended special weaving process, it requires the dyes will also be different, within the polyester fiber, even though the paste is mixed slurry disperse and reactive dyes, only scattered dye after baked at hot temperature with polyester fiber knot part hair color and reactive dyes even printed on top, after hot temperature washing soap boiling can also be wash. Same reason reactive dyes is and cotton fiber based bond causes color fastness, and disperse dye clinking exhaustion can pressure, if due to the immediacy from the dye itself up some, is temporary, after hot temperature washing soap boiling can also be wash. Therefore, 2 kinds of dye even though the same color paste because of the different characteristics of fiber, and created using the new technology of Harmonia.

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