Rainbow is very wonderful, with the rainbow to DIY T shirt

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Rainbow follow rain, and smiles follow rainbows! The rainbow has always been sunny after the rain, have you ever thought about leaving rainbows on our clothes and letting those bright beams of light make us happy? So we were looking for a way to make the rainbow on the clothes, when I knew heat transfer vinyl could do that, I feel happy.

Before we start learning how to use this heat transfer vinyl, we need to know more about it, the reality of heat transfer film is very simple. You can use your imagination, or your hand-painted works and use the graphics software to edit, then cut by cutting plotter and heat press on the clothes.

There are 4 colors we can choose from:


Below is the option about how to use the vinyls, only 3 steps we can make the rainbow HTV on the clothes:


Step1: Design

First, design the pattern with CDR (or you can edit with other software and make it into AI files, then send to CDR software) .

For example, I want his small leaves, I should firstly design in CDR.

* Note that all the designs we need should be AI files.

Step 2: Cut

The second part is very simple, just place the heat transfer vinyl on the cutting plotter with the carrier side down, and make the pattern in reverse through cutting software,and loading to machine by USB.





Step 3: Weeding

So this step right here, weed the excess material from the design.


 Step 4: Heat Transfer

With everything weeded, I’m ready to decorate my t-shirt! (It depends on the product)

I did a 5 second press at 302°F (the suggested temperature for rainbow HTV) to remove the moisture and make the fabric flat, then put material on clothes, press in the same temperature with 15 seconds. Just wait for it to cool and then tear off the film on the surface, so we can easily leave the rainbow on our clothes.


This shirt was a lot of fun to make, but I think it would be even more fun to give! I love heat transfer vinyl because it allows you create unique and special gifts that make people happy,which is often treasured far into the future.

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