Screen printing notes

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1.Web prepress see developing time shouldn’t exceed 48 hrs, time is simply too lengthy may cause developing after departing residual film, may also cause serious not visualized if when humidity is very large, India should as quickly as possible within the 12 hrs of exposure and development.

2.if utilized in pattern plating process, produce vast amounts from the circuit board, it is advisable to screen the wind hole, to prevent ink in to the hole. Small batch production, after development also needs to check if the transparent mesh, otherwise transparent, but additionally re developing.

3.not developing money film hardness only in 1H ought to be careful operation in situation of damaged film, screen can’t overlap placed ought to be vertical shelves, although developing after baking coating surface hardness can achieve greater than 2h, still need to make sure avoid film scratch, scratch

4.Due to the liquid light to face up to the solid composition of 70% approximately, it’s a number of additives, solvents along with other volatile substances, to avoid the operator’s harm, operating room must have good ventilation equipment, workers ought to be in good shape of ventilation operation.

5.the operator must change work clothes, work clothes, put on protective clothing and protective clothing.

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