Various Printable Vinyls for Eco-solvent Printer

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Heat transfer vinyl is known by people, which should be used with cutting plotter. What we called printable heat transfer vinyl is different with the former, which should be used with Eco-solvent print & cut machine. Today we will introduce some printable vinyls to you.


1.PU printable vinyl

It made of PU material, with great elasticity and soft feel, it is a classic type that many beginner will try. According to different  thickness, PU type includes 30-60micron and 110-130micon.The former one is suitable for light color fabric, and the other one is for both light and dark color fabric.


2.PVC printable vinyl

It is not 100% made of PU material, the feel is harder than the first one, it is suitable for print logos and numbers for polo shirt or uniform, like football team, basketball team etc..


3.Flock printable vinyl

It has flocking hand feel, give a strong stereo effect, let the finished fabric a high-end sense. It’s the thickest printable vinyl at present.


4.Reflective printable vinyl

Reflective is a favourite one to many designer. After printing the patterns and under the light, the pattern will show amazing reflective effect, which is fashionable and special, it will be an attractive one when wear clothes with it.


5.Gold / silver printable vinyl

Gold and silver printable vinyl is similar like metallic effect vinyl, after print, the white parts will instead with gold or silver, no white. It is suitable for the design that need to features metallic.


6.Pearl effect printable vinyl

Pearl effect printable vinyl is similar with reflective one, it has finely shimmering pearly particles on the surface, the difference is under the light, the pearl one can not reflect light. If you want a glossy one to instead of PU or PVC printable vinyl, it will be your first choice.


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