What's the role of transparent ink?

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Ordinary ink has a tendency to cover the benefits and drawbacks from the as significant needs, and transparent ink is incorporated in the transparent ink is comparatively simple to apply, and colored transparent ink since the composition of resins, dyes, the influence of filler to complete fine particle size, uniform color, no impurities, good light transmittance, very difficult. Therefore, transparent ink hue, under ordinary decoration ink so complete, it is only couple of several colors.

Transparent inks mostly are utilized in membrane switch display area, or instructions to regional window, color transparent ink when for membrane switch panel layer window signifies, the function of color is just to be able to reflect the significant condition from the machine, result in the monitoring indicator, so when one transparent oil ink for display window and Brought digital tube with, color transparent ink besides plays a subtle digital tube contour shape function, but additionally plays a filter function, making the Brought digital tube display character more clearly.

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